Saturday, November 3, 2007


The Power of God
By Bernard Levine

God supplied manna from heaven
everyday for forty years

God made Lazarus come alive

God changed David
from a shepherd to a king

God burst open the prison gates for Paul.

God set the sun back ten degrees for Hezekiah

God let 3,000,000 slaves go free for Moses

God fed 5000 when Jesus gave thanks

God took Enoch to paradise.

God turns a seed into a gigantic tree

God breathes life into the lungs of a child

God knows the language of all creatures

God sees everything always.

Almighty God
is sovereign, majestic and supreme

The angels surrounding Him
behold His glorious splendour

There is no enjoyment greater
than praising Him, our King
Almighty God our Authority.
© Bernard Levine

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